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New Starter Application


Northern Parade Schools

The information you provide to the school will be used to support pupil learning and to ensure pupil safety and wellbeing. Personal information is only collected and used where it is needed by the school or the local authority for education purposes or where required by law. Further information on how we use and share pupil information can be found using the following link:

Data Protection information.

Pupil Information

Male or Female*

Ethnicity - You do not need to fill in this section if you do not want to.

I would describe my child's ethnic origin as (please choose one)

 Please list all Schools/Nurseries/Pre-Schools attended:Contact no:Dates Attended: (mm/yy-mm/yy)
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Parent/Carer Information

Other parent/carer information (please ensure you have consent to share this information)

Service Children

Custody and Court Orders - the school needs to know of any court orders affecting your child.

Please indicate whether any Order is in force for your child*

Emergency Contacts - In an emergency, if we are unable to contact you, please give details of one or more person(s) who may be contacted on your behalf. (please ensure you have consent to share this information)

Doctor's Details

OTHER SERVICES - Please give details of other services that have recently been involved with your child (e.g. Social Services, Educational Psychologist, Bilingual Support, Assesment Unit etc.)

CHILD'S HEALTH - Please give details of any health concerns that the school should be made aware of. (e.g. hearing or sight problems, allergies, need for regular medication i.e. inhaler etc.)

Other children in the family - please provide information on other children in the family.

 Name:Relationship:Date of Birth: (dd/mm/yy)

Other Information

Please tick appropriate box:

Lunchtime arrangements*
How the child gets to school*

Please read the declarations below:

I declare that the information given is to the best of my knowledge correct. I will inform the school of any changes to this information.

I give consent for the information provided to be used in line with the School's privacy notice as referenced above.