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The school environment is accessible to wheelchair users, ambulant pupils and visitors who use a variety of mobility equipment.

The school is all on one floor. There is a fully accessible disabled toilet, shower room and changing facilities plus standard toilet facilities for pupils/staff/visitors.

Information can be made available on request in different formats including, where necessary, other language formats. For parents/carers whose first language is not. English the school will seek to provide an interpreter to attend meetings. The school aims to ensure all communications in written format are clear and concise, but will inform parents/carers and family members verbally where appropriate.

The school provides an accessible environment in terms of classrooms and specialist rooms such as the sensory impairment resource provision. Furniture and equipment are all appropriate for the needs of the pupils and adaptions can be made with the support of occupational therapists. Any potential out door hazards for pupils with a visual impairment are highlighted with yellow markings.

There is a sound field system fitted in specific classrooms and a portable one that can be used when necessary and we employ a British Sign Language Communicator. All classrooms, learning environments and toilets are identifiable by braille. Our Disability Equality Scheme is available for anyone to read, and we welcome any suggestions about how we can improve our provision for anyone in the  school community.