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Stuck for things to do?

Below are some events happening in and around Portsmouth this month. These are all totally FREE family friendly events. 


Portsmouth Music Hub provides free music session ensembles for children to sing and play instruments after school and on Saturday mornings. For further information please visit:   

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Photography Competition - Date extended

following the fantastic Christmas art work competition, we are now turning our attention to our children's  photography skills. We are always amazed at the creativity of even the smallest of our children, and we are very sure that there are some photographic genies out there who would love to display their work. 


If your child would like to take part in the competition

They can take a picture at home using a phone or camera where the photos can then be uploaded and sent to


The pictures must be taken by your child and must be related to the following topic areas:



The entries will be judged by the year 1 and 2 art teams in the final week of this term....

so get snapping. 

LAST ENTRIES BY Monday 20th April

A message from Mrs Gollege 
Well – this year is certainly turning out to be an interesting one!! It has
however already also been a very ARTY year - children from the infants
through to the juniors have taken part in many events to do with dance and
music all of which have added to the children’s learning experiences.
Our school prides itself on taking creative activities seriously and providing as
much creativity as possible. We encourage the children to think “out of the
box”, use their wider skills – both practical and imaginative – apply their
knowledge and problem solve, gain confidence…. the list is endless. The value
of creativity cannot be underestimated and is a vital part of the children’s

So, what have we been up to? Some of the topic related work is very
specifically creative, for example, the Foundation stage children had a fantastic
opportunity to take part in circus themed workshops during their recent topic.
They dressed up (looked fabulous by the way) and then tried circus skills such
as riding small bikes, unicycles, walking tightropes and so on. Yes, absolutely
part of their topic work, but how creative too! They had a great time.
Of course in year 3 and 4 the children also had an amazing experience of live
theatre when they produced and performed their show at the Guildhall just
before Christmas. This was a unique opportunity to learn so much from
remembering lines and memorizing songs, to just being quiet in the wings and
learning not to scratch their make up!!

On the subject of pantomimes, the Foundation children had the opportunity to
see a live pantomime at the Ferneham Hall. Getting out and about provides
learning situations which enrich and extend thinking, promoting questions and
discussions so vital for little people. Other trips for the infants have included
taking part in the BBC Music Day where the children watched a performance
by “Jive Aces”; taking part in the Portsmouth Music Hub’s Special celebration
at Christmas, and going to watch a storytelling workshop using classical
instruments with professional musicians at the Guildhall.

The juniors have had the opportunity to be involved in a ceilidh
(traditional/folk dance) where they mixed with children from other schools and
experienced live music, and some of the children also attended a dance
performance at the New Theatre Royal called “Dance Explosion” where again
professional artistes were able to demonstrate their fabulous skills.
The coronavirus has unfortunately halted plans to take part in several other
Portsmouth Music Hub events this year, however we look forward to being
involved again when “normality” resumes.

As well as the extra out of school experiences we have been able to offer the
children, within school there are many other clubs which support the
children’s creative learning. There are choirs for both the juniors and the
infants; many of the year 2 children are learning to play the recorder; there are
steel pan groups running for the year 5 and 6 children; and there is a weekly
after school dance club. This year some of the children in year 2 have created
an ARTS TEAM – and these children help to run a dinnertime arts club for
chosen children in years 1 and 2.

We have taken the year 2 choir out of school to sing at a charity event, had
colouring competitions – the winners which were chosen by the ARTS TEAM
children and have been displayed in the local art shop. We have made sure our
staff have had arts opportunities by running training sessions, going along to a
teacher’s sing-a-long workshop, and creating a staff band. The staff have also
recently sung together to support the school during the present crisis.
On top of all of this, the staff have still been consistently providing the
everyday arts opportunities within the classrooms, and still making topic
presentations happen each term. They also find great fun in dressing up with
the children for World Book Day!

Presently we have a PHOTOGRAPHY competition running. This is open to
anyone across the school and needs to be centred around SPRING, COLOUR, or
ANIMALS. Send your entries to
The competition has been extended as it is something that the children can do
easily at home as part of their increasing creativity.

Whatever you do please continue to encourage your child’s creativity during
this period of “home schooling”. Dance, exercise, write scripts for plays, make
up a song, practice those instruments, paint, use gloop and glue, create junk
models, junk instruments, enter the photography competition, make a collage
of pictures from your walks.

Watch this space for more bits and pieces 