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King's Group Academies

Awards and Achievements

At Northern Parade Schools we like to congratulate children on their achievements and celebrate them with peers and staff! Every week we have a series of awards that they children can win. We have two presentation days and abig finale at the end of the year for the Year 6's!


Weekly Attendance Award

Each week the class that has achieved the highest level of attendance is awarded the 'Attendance Certificate'. The winner is announced in assembly each week and the certificate is displayed in the hall for all to see!!

We also award the winning class points for their 'Junior School Reward Chart' displayed in the school hall.

100% Pupil Attendance Award

This is awarded to the children that have achieved 100% attendance throughout the school term. Each child is awarded with a special certificate.

Gold Book Award

Every Friday the children from the Infant School get particularly excited about going to 'Gold Book' assembly.

This is when 2 children from each class is named in assembly and recognised for progress and outstanding achievement in an activity or for a piece of work that they have produced throughout the week. The children are presented with a certificate to take home to their Parents.

Gold book achievements are also posted onto each class page and photographs posted onto our Gold Book Gallery.

Good Work Award

Each week at the Junior School we take the time on Friday afternoons in assembly to celebrate achievements that have been made throughout the week both in School and outside of School.

A different Year Group each week has the opportunity to acknowledge this by issuing these children with a 'Good Work' certificate. This will also be posted onto their individual class page.

Reading Challenge Awards

All prizes earned as part of the school Reading Challenge are handed out in assembly and the children have their photograph taken. All photographs are posted on the Gallery page of our School website.


Star of the week

Each week at the Infant School a child from each class is recognised for their hard work, progress and contribution to the class by receiving the 'Star of the Week' award.

The Star of the Week award is announced in assembly every Monday afternoon. The children are each given a star which is displayed in their classroom and the children are then given the class 'Star' badge to wear for the week.

Star of the week will also be posted onto each class page on the School website.

Class Captain

Each week at the Junior School a child from each class is recognised for their hard work and is nominated as Class Captain. The Class Captain is then responsible throughout the week to carry out duties for their teacher and has special privileges.

End of year awards

Citizenship Award

This is awarded at the end of each Academic Year to the pupil that has shown, tremendous team spirit, demonstrated initiative in and around School, helped organise events, helped their fellow peers and generally gone above and beyond the call of duty in all that they do throughout the year.

They are awarded the ‘Citizenship Award Shield’ in a special assembly and this is then displayed in the School reception area for the forthcoming year.

Head Teacher Award

This is awarded to a YEAR 6 pupil at the end of the Academic Year. This pupil will have adopted all of the School Values and is, in essence, the spirit of the School.