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Welcome to the Dragon's Den Pastoral Care Team
 at Kings Academy Northern Parade School

Our mission is to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for every child on their educational journey. 


🌈 About Us

At the Dragon's Den, we are more than just a pastoral care team; we are a team dedicated to creating a safe haven for the children. Our team of compassionate individuals are here to guide, listen and inspire. Together we form a protective circle around our little ones, encouraging them to spread their wings and embrace the joys of learning.


🤝 Our Approach

We believe in the power of connection and understanding. Through open communication and genuine care, we address the emotional needs of each child, fostering resilience and empathy. Liaising with parents are key to our work. Our holistic approach integrates academic support with emotional well-being, ensuring a balanced and flourishing primary school experience.


🚀 Empowering Every Dragon

From triumphs to challenges, the Dragon's Den stands by each student, empowering them to face life's adventures with courage and determination. Together, we create a foundation of kindness, respect, and inclusivity, cultivating a positive atmosphere where every dragon can thrive. Working closely with our Dragons Values.

What We Do


Supporting the children throughout the day we offer a safe space  for morning transition in our Morning Mindfulness Group, helping the children have a soft start and an opportunity to check in their emotions using The Zones of Regulation as well as practising mindfulness activities to set them up for their day.

Lunch club provides a quiet space to enjoy lunch whilst developing social skills and being supported with friendship and enjoying lunch club activities.

Sensory circuits and sensory room. We are lucky to be able to provide these resources to our  children who need to to adjust their level of alertness and to meet their sensory needs throughout the duration of the school day.

Throughout the day we support children across both of our schools helping them with communication, problem solving and supporting their environment.

We are also here to provide support to our school community and work closely with professionals such as CAMHS MHST, MABS’s and our local Family Hub.


Contact us:

Our Team:

Mrs Smedley - Pastoral Lead

Miss Joy - Pastoral Support

Mrs George - Pastoral Support