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We have PE on THURSDAY.


Spring Term 1 

Week 3 

This week in T4W we have been innovating (changing) our story 'Giraffe's can't dance'..

We had some fabulous ideas and retold our new innovated story with our voice and actions! The children decided instead of dancing, Gerald the Giraffe would be learning to juggle and walk the tightrope!!

In phonics we have learnt the digraphs ai and ng! We learnt the actions to these new sounds! Ask your child to show you at home and see if they can sway or write a work with these digraphs in!!

In maths this week we have continued to explore adding 1 more.. We have become really confident explaining our maths and what is happening to the amount once we have added 1 more. The children have also explored recording in their own way and with number sentences!

Keep up the good work foxes, 

Week 4

Another busy week in Fox Class 

In maths we have continued to explore adding 1 more! We have explored showing 1 more in a variety of ways and using the number line to reinforce adding 1 more.

In T4W we have been designing our own posters to invite parents to our circus show next week! We looked at the different features we needed to include in our posters such as, title, heading, pictures, date and time.

In phonics we have learnt the ee digraph and the igh trigraph! See if you can say or write some words with these digraphs/trigraphs in at home!

Keep up the good work foxes!

Have a great weekend.

Week 5

A very busy fun filled week for the end of this halfterm!

We have really enjoyed this week as we had a special visit from Paul the ring master from the Circus! He taught us lots of different circus skills such as spinning plates, juggling, stilts, riding on a unicycle, flower sticks and many more! We loved performing our new circus acts to the our grown ups! Thank you to everybody who came - it was a lovely way to celebrate our topic 'The Big Top'!

Have a great halfterm foxes - you have worked very hard and deserve this well earned break!!!

Miss Pannell

Spring Term 2 

Week 1

A busy first week back for Fox class!
On Monday we came into school and discovered a message in a bottle from Percy Parrot.. we found it washed up in between the sea creatures and shells..
We were so excited to find that Percy has given us a special job to this this half term! It is our job to find out as much as we can about sea life as our new topic is ‘Adventures at sea’. We had so much fun exploring the artefacts using all of our senses...

In T4W we have been familiarising ourselves with our new story Commotion in the Ocean and learning our new story with voice and actions!

In maths we have been introduced to taking away! We discovered that taking away makes our whole amount become smaller, fewer, less. Ask your child to show you a take away story at home!!

We also had a visit from Dr Collins! We created a giant shell collage of a jellyfish with beach shells!




We also went to the music festival this week and really enjoyed singing and sharing our songs with other schools!

Well done Foxes!



Week 4

A busy week in Fox class...

This week we have continued to describe the different sea creatures using adjectives! We thought about their different shapes, sizes, colours, feelings when finding out more information about them to describe! 

In maths we have continued to explore subtraction, however this week we have been challenging ourselves! The crafty crab has taken away an amount from our 10 coins in our treasure chest.. It was our job to work out how many had been taken away from our 10 coins! 

A big well done to all the children this week who filled up their Dragon cards through demonstrating the school values in school and had a special visit from the Dragons and their dragon shop! 

Summer Term 1 

Week 1

A busy week back to kick start the Summer Term!

The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. I am so impressed with the children level of resilience in their learning this week, so a big well done to all of you!

In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, we have been learning their name and their properties (faces, edges, verticies). Ask your child if they can see any of these shapes at home or out and about.

In phonics we have learnt the trigraphs ear and air this week! Have a go writing some ear and air words at home!

In T4W we have been introduced to our new story of the half term ‘The Little Red Hen’ to match our new topic Growing and Changing! We have been imitating and retelling the story with voice and actions! We also found a giant egg in the playground! We since discovered that Mickey the dragon hatched from his egg! We have been thinking about what questions we would like to ask him in order to find out more, like where has he come from?

We also had a cordial visit from Dr Collins where we learnt how to make bread just like the little red hen! Our favourite part was when we got to taste the garlic bread after cooking it in the clay oven!!!

Keep up the good work Foxes
Miss Pannell










Week 2

This week In T4W we have been exploring feelings and the different words we can use  to explain how the characters in the little red hen, as well as ourselves, are feeling!

In Phonics we have learnt the split a_e and o_e digraph this week! Can you hear, say and write some words with these digraphs in?

In maths we have been exploring equivalence! The children have impressed me with their use of mathematical language when describing amounts after they have made them equal, balanced, fair, the same as, equivalent to...
Lots of the children discovered many different ways of making amounts equivalent by using addition and subtraction strategies, as well as using many different combinations of numbers to create the same amount.

Well done for all your hard work and great efforts Foxes,
Miss Pannell 

Week 3

Another busy week in Fox class!! 

This week in T4W we have been exploring different story settings! We have been using our imagination to think of more describing words to find out more details about these different settings. 

In maths we have continued to explore equivalence using a variety of resources! The children have impressed me by recording their findings in a variety of ways including number sentences and stories. Their use of mathematical language has been really impressive! Well done!! 

Another big well done to all the children who have been resilient in their reading and writing this week! Ask your child to read/write a sentence at home! 

We also had a special visit from the school value dragons and their dragon shop! We were so excited to see them as we have been demonstrating all the school values and collecting our dragon points to buy some books and toys at the shop! 

Enjoy the Bank holiday weekend Foxes, 

Miss Pannell 

Week 4

Another busy week in foxes!

We week we have been exploring capacity in maths! The children have loved testing which containers hold the most liquids, and comparing these to their friends! Explore capacity at home with your child and see if they can tell you whether a container is full, half full, empty, almost empty, etc..
In t4w we have been innovating the story of the little red hen! The children have had some fab ideas when innovating their stories! In some of them the little red hen explored space and when on an alien mission in a rocket!!!

We have also been practising writing in full sentences with a good sentence structure.. this includes starting the sentence with a capital letter, using finger spaces, as well as full stops, exclamation marks, or question marks at the end of a sentence!
Well done to everyone who has been working so hard this week and have persevered within their learning!! We never give up!!

Enjoy your weekend foxes,
Miss Pannell 

Week 6

A very busy last week before half term!

This week the children have been preparing for British day, making crowns, bunting, flags, tassels and decorating their cups to sell at the British Fayre!

We also had our school trip to Longdown Activity Farm! The children learnt so much about all the different farm animals and farm life! They fed the kids (baby goats) milk, held the chicks and guinea pigs, collected fresh eggs from the hens, fed the adults goats their dinner! One of their favourite moments from the day was the bumpy tractor ride from one of the farmers, they couldn't stop laughing the whole way round! We all had such a fun day and the children were amazing in their attitude and behaviour!

Well done for all your hard work this half term Foxes, I have been so impressed with the level of perseverance and resilience you have shown in your learning!

Enjoy your well deserved week off...
Miss Pannell

Summer Term 2 

Week 2

This week we have been introduced to our new story for this half term ‘The Enormous Turnip’. The children have really enjoyed familiarising themselves with the story and imitating using voice and actions!

We have also been working really hard within our T4W and phonics when describing and comparing different vegetables! We remembered that when writing a sentence we must use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

In maths this week we have been exploring doubling! We helped the little old man from the story double his amount of vegetables correctly to make turnip soup for his wife! We have worked really hard with doubling and have learnt that when we double we add the same amount again! We have explored representing this in a variety of ways! 

We also had a session with Dr Collins where we explored all the different animals that hatch from eggs! The children loved finding out lots of different facts in the outside environment! 

Keep up the good work Foxes, 
Miss Pannell