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Our Inclusion Manager works closely with all staff in School, the School Nurse, parents/carers and a range of outside agencies throughout the city to support all pupils’ health and medical needs within school.

This support includes:

  • Being available to meet with parents/carers to discuss their concerns within a confidential environment

  • Making sure that staff are updated and when necessary receive training and or advice from relevant health professional to meet a pupil’s individual needs

  • Ensure staff are aware of individual health care plans and that they are followed

  • Liaise with healthcare professionals when plans need updating or changing

  • Arranging School nurse and Community Asthma nurse’ Drop ins’ for parents/carers

  • Monitoring the administration of medication including asthma inhalers or arrange training so staff can do so

  • Ensuring that there is access to specialist equipment if necessary

  • Ensuring the environment is a safe as possible and adapted where necessary

  • Applying for extra time to complete exams if and when required

  • Liaise with the School nurse, parents and staff and provide support in writing care plans for pupils with more complex medical needs

  • Support for parents and pupils who require advice from a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist