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Gold book winners this week are ...

Autumn Term 1 

Week 1

Welcome back Seahorse class!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and were glad to be coming back to school.

In class, the children discussed what they did in their holidays and shared their favourite experiences with our peers.

In topic, the children were introduced to their new topic about toys. As a year group, they came up with the title, ‘A Volcano of Toys’.

The class have been spending time getting ready for their new routines and are becoming more confident as year 1 students.

A great first week!

Week 2

In English, the children have been looking a variety of pictures from their class story. They have been labelling them and learning to use a ruler accurately. They have also been focusing on simple sentences. Seahorse class have been recapping what a sentence needs and have been going over the difference between capital letters and lower case letters.

During Maths lessons, the children have been sequencing events this week. They have been using key vocabulary i.e. First, next, last. After, the children moved on to days of the week and yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

In topic lessons, Seahorse class have continued to look at toys. They investigated the materials that toys were made of and discussed the reasons for this. In Art, the children were given a A5 piece of paper and were given the freedom to show me what’s ‘toys’ meant to them – they thoroughly enjoyed this! 


The class took a little trip to Toy ‘R’Us on Thursday to see what toys they could find, discuss which ages toys were made for and to have fun. They were a credit to Northern Parade! All toys that were picked up were returned. All staff were met with a smile and all instructions were followed. 

Well Done Seahorse Class!

Week 3

Well done to our Star of the Week PETER O

A very active week again for Seahorse Class!

During English this week, the class have learned their story, ‘Tatty Ratty’ with actions. They discussed questions as a class for their main character and came up with a variety of sentences to describe him.

In Maths, the children finished their days of the week work and began to look at seasons. All of the staff brought in various objects for the class to sort into seasons and Seahorse Class really enjoyed this activity.

Homework went out this week and I have already been told by children they have been doing their spellings daily – well done!

Week 4

In maths this week the class have looked at numbers and sorting objects. They have been telling each other what they know about different numbers and have been using objects to represent them.

During English lessons, Seahorse Class have completed their story writing on Tatty Ratty. They used the sentence structures they have learned verbally to put the words into their books. Some of the children filmed themselves telling the story too. 

In topic, the class have been looking at old and new toys. As a class the children discussed all of the toys in front of them and were able to sort them into old and new, followed by organising them into a timeline. 

We have been reading Beatrix Potter in class and the children have really enjoyed this.

A good week Seahorse – well done! 

Week 5

Our Star of the Week this week was LENIE

Well done to all of the children and the parents who have read 5 times this week! Your child now has their name on our class reading dragon and has their first sticker on their dragon card.

In English, the class have been working on their new story and have sequenced pictures from the story. They have been looking at time connectives to link their stories too.


Throughout the week in Maths the children have been really looking into number. They have been ordering numicon and creating their own numicon number lines to 20.

As a starter in class, the children have some new songs they like to listen to. If you would like to look at these we have…







During Topic things have been sticky and messy! In art they investigated the colours related to seasons and in DT they used their cutting skills to decorate a toy. They also had a Science lesson where they labelled parts of the body.

 Week 6

Seahorse class were out with Dr Collins this week. They took their topic outside and were testing out some home made toys. They really enjoyed this activity and become more skilled the more they tried. 

In Maths this week, we having been looking at number, specifically one more than. Noting patterns that arise from this and what changes. The children were using various equipment to do this and then found various ways to represent it in their books.

During English this week, Seahorse Class have adapted their class story and written their new version. Some of the class have been focusing on CVC and CVCC words in their books? (Consonant vowel consonant) 

Art this week focused on sketching, they had a lesson experimenting with pencil techniques. Once they had learned the various techniques, they then looked at some self-portraits and then drew their own.

Well done Seahorse!

Week 7

Well done to our Star of the Week – Eva!

Seahorse Class have had a very good week.

In Maths, they have been investigating ways of making different numbers. They have been using their numicon and working out how it can help them. There have been lots of opportunities for questioning and the answers are becoming more mathematical by the day!

During English lessons this week, the children planned and wrote a story for their unaided writing. The results from this will help staff know what targets to work on next half term.

This week was also RE week, focusing on special people in our lives. The children picked parents and siblings and other figures in the community.


The children had a fun day Thursday when some visitors brought in a track set for them to play with. Each child had two turns and they were given the chance to ask questions.

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Finally on Friday was pink day in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

I hope everyone has a great half term – remember to keep reading! 

Autumn Term 2 

Week 1

Well done to our Star of the – AYAT
Well done to our Reader of the week  – Harry I for explaining the contraction can’t 

Seahorse class have been very busy this week! 

The children have had an inspirational week in Maths and English, focusing on promoting an enthusiasm for these lessons. 

In English, the children have been looking at poetry and rhyme. They have heard and recited a variety of nursery rhymes and poetry. In pairs and as a class they created language lists. This has been in preparation for next week, when they will be able to write their own poem.  


During the inspirational Maths, the class have had a large range of activities to undertake. These have included, making shapes, counting and problem solving. Skills used have included resilience, independence and teamwork trio. 

Topic lessons were fun and allowed the children to exploring circuit making. Other than connect these 4 things to make the light come on, the children were left alone. 



Week 2

Well done to our Class Captain – Perry!

Another busy, busy week in Seahorse Class! 


The children had their trip on Tuesday to the Toy Museum. The behaviour was fantastic, as was the engagement of the class with the activities – well done! 

In English, the children have been writing a spooky poem with all of the ideas gathered at Halloween. Through the spooky window I can see … (the children had some scary and frightening ideas). 

During Maths lessons, the class have been looking at part, whole. So if the house is the whole, the roof is part of the whole.

In RE we finished the work on Ganesh with a prayer. Some of these asked for help with homework or a talent they want to improve on. A couple of children thought about helping others with their prayer which was very kind and thoughtful. 

Finally, Friday was spent in their groups beginning to create their class Toy for our end of year production.

Week 3

During Maths this week, Seahorse Class have been looking at part whole. They went from pictures to numbers – they were given a number to split into groups and they discussed what was part of the number. The children enjoyed watching the Numberblock videos.

In English, the class continued to learn about instructions and on Friday the followed instructions to make jam sandwiches or decorate biscuits. They discussed the importance of numbered steps and other features of the text type.

Seahorse Class have joined with Jellyfish in rehearsals for the Christmas play. Letters will have been sent home about their costumes and some children will have lines to learn. 

Shared reading lessons started this week, the class were given the title of their new book and they needed to predict what it could be about. Each lesson a small section of the book will be revealed to them to help with questioning and building up suspense. 

The class looked great on Friday dressed for Children in Need – thank you to those parents who donated £1 for charity.

Also this week, year 1 had a session with Doctor Collins making catapults and a session with visitors ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ where they made sounds and music as a class. 

Another fun week for Seahorse Class

Week 4

Well done to our Star of the Week – ANTONIA!

Seahorse class have been busy rehearsing the Christmas show this week in between lessons and it is coming along nicely! 

In English, they have been writing instructions for how to decorate a snowman and teddy bear. They have listened well and are using the features of the text type.

In Maths lessons, they have continued to work on part whole. They were looking at splitting the whole banana or piece of cheese into parts and discussing this with their peers.

Week 5

Well done to our Star of the Week – MAYA

This week has been a busy and fun one in Seahorse Class. the children have been working very hard rehearsing for their Christmas performance. They had their first dress rehearsal and have now tried out props on stage. Using the microphone is proving tricky – some children do not need as much amplification. 

In Maths and English the children enjoyed carousel activities. This allowed them to do four activities instead of just one in their lesson. 

They have been planning to write instructions on decorating their chosen toy – this will lead to an unaided piece of writing next week. 

We have had several children chosen, from Seahorse Class, to attend the gym festival next week. They have been working hard on this and I wish them the best of luck Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend Seahorse Class 

Week 6

Star of week – Alby
Gold book – Demi and Kaitlyn
Reader of the week – Tinashe

In English this week, the children completed their hot write instructions. They all worked very hard. They were introduced on Friday to plurals and will continue looking at them next week.  


During Maths, Seahorse Class continued with subtraction using resources to help them. 

CHRISTMAS SHOW this took up a lot of the children’s time and attention this week. They were amazing and all enjoyed so much! Thank you to all of the parents who sent in costumes and came to watch your support was greatly appreciated.


Well done Seahorse Class – a great week!

Week 7

This week we have looked at regular plurals in English. The children looked at them and then applied what they had learned.


In Maths, the children looked at adding on. They were able to find the starting number, what was being added on and what the total would be. 

During RE lesson, the children have been looking into the Christmas story. They looked at the representation of Jesus as the light of the world. In Groups they made a Christingles and learned what each part was representing.


Part of the week was also spent creating the items for the school fayre. 

One week left everyone – we are ready for lots of Christmas fun!

Week 8

Well done everyone – we made it to Christmas! It has been such a long term and all of the children have been fantastic this week, even when they have been sleepy.

The children finished off their assessments and end of topic evaluations this week. They had time to do some Christmas shopping – I hope you all like your gifts. When wrapping with the children, it was clear how much thought went into their gifts. 


The Christmas party was a HIT!

Seahorse had 4 activity rooms to visit including games, dancing and food. They all screamed and cheered at the end when none other than Santa showed up to give them a little gift.

Thank you Seahorse Class it has been a lovely Autumn term. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Miss Rollings

Spring 1 

Week 1

Star of the week this week was Tilly-May S
Gold Book – Lennie C and Rehoboth Z

Reader of the week – Skye C 

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

This week the children have came back with good attitudes and they are ready to learn.

In English, we will be looking at traditional tales. The children explored a variety of traditional tales and discussed what they could see in them. They created a class list of features and named all of the texts they already new. On Wednesday the children were given clues to reveal our class story of Snow White. Now they have started to explore the use of adjectives in their writing.

Maths this week has focused on 3D shapes. The children have had time to explore the shapes and real life objects that look similar. They have been using old and new vocabulary to describe the shapes.


On Tuesday we received an email saying a (friendly) dragon had been spotted near by. The dragon then broke through the wall in the hall and left various artefacts. These were clue so the children could guess their new topic. The children quickly realised we will be looking at castles. 

The new topic is called, ‘Once Upon a Castle’.

Well done Seahorse Class a great start to the spring term!  

Week 2

Star of week: Zachary C
Gold book awards: Jack B and Ellie-Mae C
Reader of the week: Eve H

Well Seahorse Class – you have worked very hard this week!

In English the focus of the week has been settings. They have been listening and looking at stimuli to help generate ideas for a setting description. They have focused on senses and what adjectives can be used. They worked as a class, in groups and individually doing this. 

They have moved on from 3D shapes and have begun to look at 2D through a variety of different activities. They really enjoyed making pictures with 2D shapes. 

In topic, they looked at the parts of a castle and labelled one together. They also took their time to sketch their own castles. 

We did have a fire alarm on Monday and I just wanted to say again how great the children were at getting out of the class sensible – even in the awful weather! 

Week 3

Star of the week: Ellie-Mae 
Reader of the week: Kristi

It has been a fun and busy week in Seahorse Class!

In English, we have been looking adjectives some more and this ended with an unaided piece of writing describing a farm. We looked at compound words - the children particularly enjoyed this video of various compound words. They also spent a lesson looking at verbs and acting them out.




During Maths, the children have been looking at the digits within a number which will be continued next week and their number bonds. They played this game in class 

Topic allowed the children to explore maps and atlases this week. 

The children met Mr McCabe today a student teacher who will be in Seahorse Class next half term.  

Week 4

This week has been busy and fun for Seahorse Class. 

In English, the children have been focusing on questioning skills - using who, what, when, where, why and how to form questions to aid them in information gathering. They discussed lots of different characters and asked their questions to peers. 

During Maths this week the class have been looking at teen numbers, partitioning them and really deepening their understanding of what each digit means or represents. They have used practical resources throughout the week which helps give them a more concrete understanding. 

Half of the year were taken to the Dance Festival at the Mountbatten Centre the children really enjoyed this and learned a new dance. They represented the school well!

Have a great weekend Seahorse Class


Week 5

Well done Seahorse Class another fun and successful half term! 

This week in English, the children have been planning and writing character descriptions for their own story characters. They have all enjoyed this and most of their characters ended up having some kind of magical powers.

In Maths lessons they have been looking at number bonds to 20 and using a numberline. They also spent 2 lessons completing small maths tests. They were very sensible during these tests and everyone tried very hard.

In topic lessons this week the children were sketching artefacts. They used skills they had learned last topic to do this - including hatching and cross hatching. 

The children all looked great Friday in their PJs! Thank to all of the parents that donated for British Heart Foundation.

Have a fun half term everyone

Spring Term 2

Week 1

First week back - well done Seahorse Class!

We started back working harder than ever this week.

In English, we started to learn about editing and improving our work. Our new text type this half term is non-chronological reports. The children have looked at a range of different reports, they discussed the features of the text type and then began to plan their own. Next week they will be writing them up.

During Maths this week, the children have been looking at subtraction and what it means. They have worked hard to solve a variety of take away problems. They used their fingers, counters and numberlines to help them.

In topic this week the children looked at a compass and directions. They discussed physical Andy human features of the world and were all able to sort them. 

The class had a session on internet safety and created a poster with ideas on how to keep safe online. 

Remember next Thursday is World Book Day and year one are dressing as characters from traditional tales and we can't wait to see their costumes.

Week 4

Star of the week: Lucy G
Reader of the week: Charlie P

Gold book: Ellie-Mae C & Evan F

Another busy week for Seahorse Class

Thank you for all of the parents that came along to parents' evenings. It was very good to see you all and to share the children's progress. 

In English, the class have written a non chronological report on castles, using their new skills on the text type. They also had a session on adjectives and putting them in their work. 

During Maths lessons the class have completed their work on addition and Friday began to look at the process of subtraction. They are also discussing the links between the two.

In topic the year 1 classes swapped around and children went into classes to learn either about cooks, knights, servants or jesters.

Dr Collins took Seahorse Class outside for a science lesson looking at forces. They competed in a range of tug of war games and discussed the results with each other. 

Well done Seahorses

Week 5

We had a great time at Portchester Castle on Tuesday and thankfully the sun stayed out for us. The children were on their best behaviour and we great representives of the school. 

In English, the children planned and wrote a non chronological report independently. This allowed them to apply the skills they have been learning.

During Maths lesson, Seahorse Class continued their work on subtraction using numberlines. 

In topic the children have been investigating push and pull. They were also posed a question - 'What if shoes were made of paper?' They had to investigate a range of materials and discuss the outcome. Sorry if anyone came home with soggy socks! They enjoyed walking through the flower bed in paper shoes.

On Friday learn had a tic day were they used teamwork trio to design and create a group castle.

Have a great weekend everyone 

Miss Rollings 

Week 6

This week our star was - Kristiyan L
Reader of the week - Ellie-Mae C
Gold book award - Tyler C and Evie P

Only one more week until Easter everyone!

Seahorse class have been looking at poetry in English. The children learned a poem about castles and then created their own verses for it. 

In maths, they have moved on to looking at number sentences containing a missing number - solving them using tens grids. In Big Maths in the afternoons we have been counting, looking at our number bonds and discussing facts we know about 1 digit numbers.

Topic lessons this week have included: creating stamps for printing, painting and decorating their castles, looking at similarities and difference between castles and investigating pictures from a bird's eye view. 

In shared reading, we are continuing to slowly work through our new book, 'The Lion Inside' revealing a little part each time and allowing the children to complete tasks around that section. 

Week 7

Yay! You have made it to Easter and all of you have worked so hard!

This week the class have been creating things for their topic presentation - we don't want to give too much away.

This week in RE the children have been learning about the Easter story and have linked that to the symbolism of the Easter egg.

In Maths, Seahorse Class have finished off our work on missing numbers within a number sentence. The children were able to show the skills they have been working on and used teamwork trio to challenge one another.

Have an amazing Easter everyone and enjoy those eggs! 

See you all happy and rested in 2 weeks!

Summer Term 1 

Week 1

Star of the week - Albie H
Reader of the Week - Lennie C
Gold Book - Tyler C
Gold Book - Zachary C

Welcome back - I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Seahorse class started the week with our school trip to Southsea Castle. The children had lots of fun and explored the things at the castle. 

On Wednesday the year group split into 4 rooms to prepare the food and decorations for the parents visit. They all had lots of fun making and baking. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

In Maths, the class have begun to look at measures - weight, length and capacity.

I hope the sun stays out for you all this weekend.

Miss Rollings

Week 2

What a week it has been Seahorse class!

On Monday we introduced our new topic “Blooming marvellous” which is all about growing! We had a surprise delivery from Professor Know-it-all, who had gifted us with some caterpillars, so that we can investigate how they grow. 

This week in our topic lessons, we have been labelling parts of our body and discussing, what and how things grow. The children came up with some questions that they would like to find the answer to throughout the term.

In English the children have used their imagination to make up their own mini beasts and have written a character description to help them create their character next week.

Overall, it has been a ‘blooming marvellous’ week and we can’t wait to learn more about our new topic.


Week 3

Well done Seahorse Class it's been a busy week! 

In English, the children have written their reports for the mini beasts they created. They shared their ideas and reports with their friends. 

During Maths, Seahorse Class continued looking at commutitivity in various ways including bar models and part whole models. The children were able to use a range of resources to assist them. Towards the end of the week, the class started to look at odd and even numbers and the patterns surrounding them. 

In topic the children drew a picture of themselves and wrote their very own fact file. They then started looking at the unified kingdom and countries inside it - this week we covered Wales and Scotland.

The children went outside for Eco and created environmental artwork with sticks and pine cones. Several of the children were on a mission to protect the snails of the school by picking them up and moving them out of harms way! Don't worry they all washed their hands before lunch. 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone 

Miss Rollings

Week 4

What an exciting week we have had in Seahorse Class - our butterflies came out of their cocoons. The children have been observing them in the tent and they were released Friday afternoon.

In English, the children have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using Talk for Writing, where they learn in by heart. They have been doing some drama related to the story which has helped them to get into the mindset of the character. 

Maths this week has been fun, the children have been looking at counting in tens and various ways to represent this. 

The afternoons topic lessons have included looking at the UK, focusing on Northern island and England. They spent an afternoon painting flowers for a year group display. When painting they were encouraged to focus on detail and colour.

Have a great weekend everyone 

Miss Rollings

Week 5

Only one week left now until half term and Seahorse Class are still working very hard!

This week in English, they have completed their written work on Jack and the Beanstalk. When their story was finished, they were encouraged to write an alternative ending. The results were fantastic - we have some very imaginative children in our class.

Maths focused on multiples of ten. The children were able to investigate these and two multiples of ten. They needed to explain their understanding of this as well. 

The class had an art lesson on the observational drawing of flowers. It was a very peaceful atmosphere in class as they were all concentrating hard on their techniques.

We have begun to rehearse our dance for British Day

Have a wonderful weekend Seahorse Class 

Miss Rollings

Week 6

Excellent work this week Seahorse Class! 

You've all worked so hard this half term and only have one more to go! 

In English, the children have been looking at the structure of a story and ed ending. 

During Maths, the children have continued looking at multiples of ten. 

In their topic lessons, they researched animal classifications and then matched animals to their classification. 

We prepared for the school Fayre - cooking and creating! 

Have a wonderful half term everyone

Miss Rollings




Summer Term 2 

Week 1

Well done Seahorse Class for another great week! 

In English, the children have been recapping lots of their phonics in preparation for next weeks phonic screening. They also planned and wrote their own story using their own planning. 

During Maths, the children have begun working on sharing. They have had a range of different objects to share and scenarios to work through. They have used their Maths resources to support them. 

In topic, the children have worked through labelling plants they drew and sorting wild and garden plants.

Friday the children were visited by a motorcycle club and were allowed to watch their show.

Have a great weekend Seahorse Class

Miss Rollings

Week 2

Seahorse class have worked very hard this week and have had lots of fun!

First of all, a huge well done to all of the children for completing their phonics screening. It was only a short test but they were excited and happy to read the 40 words. 

Whilst phonic screening was happening, the other children were moving around the year group taking part in a range of other activities related to our topic and a little World Cup activity.

On Monday, all of the class took part in Sensory Awareness Day. They were visited by Otis the hearing dog and discovered more about the life of an impaired person. They were all very sensible and had fun throughout the day.

On Thursday the children planted some broad beans that we will be observing over the next two weeks.

Enjoy your weekend Seahorse Class

Miss Rolling


Week 3

What a lovely week we have had in Seahorse Class! 

In English this week, the children have been looking at doors. They have used these doors as a stimulus for their imaginations by discussing and drawing what settings could be beyond the door. As a class, they came up with a large bank of vocabulary to aid them in their writing.

Maths lessons this week focused on pairs. The children had to pair off animals for Noah's ark and discuss the patterns that they noticed. After this lesson, the children were asked if Noah saw 12 legs which animals could he have seen? They used resources and pictures to explore this. This was extended with a variety of legs and questions.

We had 2 topic days where we prepared for our market. One of the activities was creating outdoor garden decorations with natural objects. The children were very creative and the finished pieces are great! They are very excited for you to see them. 

Friday was The Fun day and all of the children tried very hard to represent their team.

Enjoy your weekend Seahorse Class!