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We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt, differentiate and enhance a child’s learning.

We are home to a Sensory Impairment Resource for 5 children funded by the Local Authority. The children receive a high quality education by providing a stimulating, friendly, supportive environment maximising the full mainstream inclusion.

What is a Sensory Impairment?

Vision Impairment (VI)   Image result for visually impaired logo

This term covers varying degrees of vision loss, including those that are registered severely sight impaired (blind) or partially sighted.

Hearing Impaired (HI)    Image result for hearing impaired logo

There are two main types of hearing loss:

Conductive hearing loss, which is the most common type and this hearing loss usually affects the volume of sound reaching the inner ear and is normally a temporary loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss, which is caused by damage to the hair cells lining the inner ear or the nerves that supply them, resulting in a loss ranging from mild to profound and affects certain frequencies more than others. Consequently people with sensorineural hearing loss need high quality hearing aids or Cochlear implants to gain access to the spoken word and surrounding environmental sound.

What We Do
We Plan - We Create - We Make - We Care

We have the necessary knowledge and experience in our specialist-trained staff to ensure children with a sensory impairment receive a high quality education. This is achieved by providing a stimulating, friendly, supportive environment maximizing the full mainstream inclusion.

The team have access to the latest technologies including iPads and laptops along with specialist software and equipment. Within the team we run an additional curriculum of BSL, SSE, Braille, touch typing/keyboard, mobility and a life skills programme. We liaise with teachers of the visually impaired, teachers of the hearing impaired and rehabilitation workers on a daily basis.

In addition to all of this, we offer sign language club and braille club to all of our pupils enabling us to enhance sensory impairment awareness across KS1 and KS2.


One of our amazing children from the sensory resource has made this presentation about what it is like to be hearing impaired. 

Click the Image below to see Maddie's presentation

Here are some links to sensory games and videos