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Students in both King’s Academy College Park and King’s Academy Northern Parade enjoyed collaborating with peers in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia on projects to promote their cultural and geographical understanding. Year 5 students from Amity International School, Abu Dhabi and the British International School Al Khobar took part in live question and answer sessions with KGA students and undertook shared projects to teach one another about their locality. All schools are looking forward to building on this partnership to include collaborative work across a variety of curriculum areas. 

Partnership projects such as these offer a myriad of benefits to all involved. Not only is curriculum work is enriched with real-world context but through these shared projects, students gain a broader and personal perspective on global issues, allowing them to approach challenges with a more open and empathetic mindset.

“It’s way better to learn about a place from someone who lives there than just looking in a book. I feel like I understand it much more.”  Student, King's Academy Northern Parade