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School Uniform 

School Uniform

The School has a preferred colours policy for clothing where pupils are expected to wear blue jumper/cardigan, white polo shirt/shirt/blouse, grey/black trousers. 

In common with other schools the wearing of jewellery is actively discouraged. If earrings are worn, they must be of the simple stud kind for safety reasons (and limited to a single pair). NO OTHER form of body piercing with associated rings or studs is allowed.

Hair colouring/fashion styles and nail varnish are not permitted.


Shoes should be of a low heeled, full covering plain kind in black or brown. The daily wearing of certain shoes, i.e. plimsolls, high heeled and fashion shoes (including those of the flip flop style) are unacceptable from both foot hygiene and safety purposes. Shoes need to be suitable for wearing around school and outside in all weather.

Please ensure that once your child’s current footwear has worn out, the replacement meets the guidelines above.


Children will be asked to remove any inappropriate jewellery and the school accept no liability or responsibility for jewellery having no safe, secure facilities for its storage.

Pupils should be able to remove and insert their own earrings as teachers will not be responsible for this and we recommend that pupils refrain from wearing jewellery of any kind on PE days, as we accept no liability or responsibility for it.

Games and Swimming Kit:

The school policy for PE is for all children to be offered at least 2 hours of PE every week. In order to participate fully and safely all pupils will be expected to wear an orange t-shirt detailing the school sports logo on the front, together with plain black shorts. In cold weather pupils can wear black sweatshirt/hoodie/fleece and plain black sweatpants/training trousers. The expectation is that there will be no logos visible on any PE kit other than the school sports logo on the t-shirt.

Should a child forget their kit they will be able to borrow an orange logo t-shirt and plain black shorts from the school. Should a child continue to forget their kit it will lead to parents being invited into school to discuss the situation.

All jewellery must be removed for PE and studs, if not able to be removed due to ears having been pieced in the previous 6 weeks, must be covered by plasters brought from home.





School Meals and Menus 
Parents have the choice as to whether they wish their child to have a school hot dinner or a home packed lunch.

The health and wellbeing of our children is extremely important and we work hard to ensure that this is reflected in every aspect of School life.

We are very proud to have achieved the Healthy Schools’ status, part of which is to promote healthy eating.

Please note we do not allow nuts of any kind / peanut butter sandwiches in school due to some of our children having a strong allergy to nuts.




The Chill Grill




To pay for your child's meal please click here to use our online payment system.



Free School Meals

“Free School Meals” are available to pupils whose parents are in receipt of Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Child Tax Credit (Working Tax Credit does NOT apply). The necessary forms and approval can be obtained through the school office. The till operator will ensure those entitled pupils get their meal.


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Packed Lunches

We have come up with a handy guide to help you provide the most nutritious lunch options for your child.

Pack Lunch Advice

For those pupils who do not wish to have a school hot dinner, we will accommodate them eating a packed lunch. We expect a named plastic container to be provided and ask that meals brought to the school are substantial enough to last a child throughout the day and follow our Healthy Schools campaign.

Unfortunately, we cannot dispose of packed lunch rubbish, therefore the pupils will bring their rubbish home, so please make sure containers are cleaned daily.

Leapfrog - Breakfast and After School Club

Leapfrog Breakfast and After school club will be re-opening on Monday 8th March at a reduced capacity in order to keep everybody safe. We hope to be able to review this in September. 

If you have already registered with Leapfrog club you will have received and Email with details of the new arrangements. At this time we are unable to accept new registrations. 

ALL bookings must be made online and paid in advance.



After School Activities 


MONDAY         -  Year 1

TUESDAY        -  Year 2

WEDNESDAY  -  Year 3

WEDNESDAY  -  Year 4

THURSDAY    -  Year 5

FRIDAY           -  Year 6


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